Smart Planning

What is Smart Planning?
The concept of smart planning and the principles behind it is what makes SunCal communities so desirable to live in. It’s also what makes them such good neighbors to surrounding residents and good neighbors to the environment. Here’s how:

Enhancing Quality of Life
  • Localized shopping and employment reduces the need for long commutes and serves both new and existing residents
  • Regional and local traffic solutions
  • Better educational opportunities and improved local school facilities
  • Roads lined with greenbelts and trails, and landscaped medians that provide for a pleasant community experience
  • A wide variety of housing types, styles and designs that meet the diverse needs of the community
  • Homes that feature varied lot designs and orientations that create a unique feel to each street
Protecting the Environment
  • Homes clustered away from biologically sensitive areas to maximize preserved open space and natural resources
  • Landscaped basins that capture and naturally clean runoff, keeping it from reaching storm drains untreated
  • Homes featuring energy and water-efficient fixtures and appliances to conserve our resources
  • Preserved wildlife corridors that allow animals to travel across projects and link to other significant habitat area
  • Sensitive designs that minimize disturbance to an area’s natural features
  • The use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation, creating water-efficient communities
  • Preservation of the historical and cultural significance of the community