Smart Planning

At SunCal, we take seriously our responsibility to respect the natural surroundings of the areas where we intend to build. We carefully plan each of our communities to protect biologically sensitive locations in order to preserve natural features and open space. This commitment to the environment has allowed for the preservation of thousands of acres of ridgelines, wetlands, oak woodlands, and natural habitats within our communities. These lands are home to many of Earth’s most spectacular creatures, provide wildlife corridors allowing animals access to significant habitat areas, and are crisscrossed with miles of trails for public use. 

Open Space Management Principles
All of the natural open space within SunCal communities is selected and managed using the following principles:

Wildlife Corridors
SunCal strives to include wildlife corridors through the open space within its communities, allowing animals to travel safely between habitat areas.

Preserve Native Habitat
Open space is strategically selected to maximize environmental benefit by preserving wetlands, oak woodlands, and sensitive habitat.

Adjacent to Existing Open Space
Whenever possible, locate open spaces next to adjoining protected open space, providing contiguous bands of natural lands for animals to roam.

Provide Recreational Opportunities
Hundreds of miles of public hiking, biking, and equestrian trails cross open space areas within SunCal communities, providing a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Maintain Sensitive Species
Open space is strategically located and native habitat is preserved to ensure animal populations thrive.

Partner with Conservation Groups
Oftentimes, SunCal will partner with local conservation groups, such as the Riverside Lands Conservancy and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, to select and maintain open space within its communities.

Provide Educational Opportunities
Educational kiosks and trailhead monuments are located along many of the trails within SunCal communities, providing opportunities to learn more about nature.

Groom Trails Regularly
Whether maintained by a homeowners association, a city, or a conservation group, all trails within SunCal communities are groomed on a regular basis so they are safe to use.